Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lee-Anne's update

Hi all,

The minutes for the meeting on Wednesday night are attached.  You will note that in Matters arising from previous minutes that 3 action items were passed over to the next meeting.  I have since received an email from Mish stating "The CG membership fee structure was discussed and unfortunately Judy was ill and couldn't participate in the discussion, so in light of her absence we have approved the proposed structure. We had hoped to have her final approval but I realise this is now impossible as she is out of touch for a few weeks. So please go ahead with the membership process we discussed at the CG earlier this week".  This is good news and means we can proceed as planned with recruiting for the positions on the Management Group.  This will still need to be ratified at the next meeting.
Hope you've all enjoyed the rain! We had 93 mls over the 2 and a bit days. Swings and roundabouts, memories of baking in the sun seem distant.

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