Monday, 19 May 2014

easy onion & leek planting

The garden beds have been bursting with produce over the Summer, but now it is time for a new season of planting.

Spent plants have been pulled out and added to the compost pile. The beds are being refreshed with a little extra stable waste, and planted out with the winter vegi crops.

 One of the best value for money seedlings to buy must be those from the Allium family.  There are so many plants in the one punnet, that we have planted out 2 beds with Leeks, Red Onions and Brown Onions from just 5 punnets.

 They also have to be one of quickest seedlings to plant too.

1) Run a small trench through the bed.

2) Separate each seedling and lay the roots in the trench

3) Back fill the trench  - No need to stand the seedlings up!

 4) Wait for a week or so, and you will see that the roots have taken hold and the seedlings now stand tall and upright.

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