Sunday, 6 March 2016

What's been happening at the garden

 Earlier in the week Lee-Anne sent out this garden update, and I thought it might be interesting to those of you not on the mailing list,
Some of you may have missed my weekly chat last week, others may not have noticed that I didn't send out an email re what's happening in the garden so I'll do a catch up now.

Last Thursday night was basically some watering and harvesting as only Julie and myself were there.  I did some of the jobs on the to do list yesterday as they involved weeds that were spreading seed about and I did some watering of the ornamental garden while I was there.  I also did some dead heading of the chamomile and other flowering plants.  The coriander seeds have germinated well and the parsley is on its way up.  A good result.

Thanks to Neil for creating our new steps which lead from the shelter area down to the lawn, and also for painstakingly removing the lettering from our newly donated (thanks Ann and Terry Corr) sandwich board sign.  This sign board will be used to advertise up and coming events etc.

This morning we had a visit from Beechworth Corrections.  Derek and the boys spent about 2 hours at the garden mulching the creek area, painting our new sign with blackboard (blue) paint, weeding, digging over some beds, moving the unsightly shelves from the front of the container, among other tasks.  They do a great job and are rewarded for their enthusiasm with cake (thanks for lamingtons Merle) and Coca Cola, as well as some fruit.  If you get a chance to pop in you'll notice how great the garden is looking.  The boys will be back on Thursday 17th March at 9am so if anyone would like to give Merle a break from providing morning tea, I would appreciate something yummy (they love chocolate cake).  Please let me know if you can help.

This week we will be planting alliums in bed 5 and some root crop seeds in bed 3.  Planting alliums can be time consuming so a few helpers would be appreciated.  The boys did all the hard work preparing the bed so we just need to add some compost and plant.  We also still need to attack the ivy so that will stay on the list until it's cleared up.  The bioweed isn't having an impact and we can't use poison as it's too close the our fruit trees.  If anyone has some time to spare, the fruit trees strawberries need some water.  It lovely at the garden in the morning and also in the evening, even though the days are hot.

Tim came with me to the garden a couple of weeks ago to unload horse poo and he was really taken by the ambiance and the peacefulness of the area in the evening.  He had only visited in the mornings for food swap and a couple of functions so was surprised at how much he enjoyed being there in the early evening.  Maybe those of you who haven't been to a harvest night might join us and you might get hooked too.

Remember Thursday nights from 5.30p.m.

0412 106085

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