Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Regular Garden Gathering

Hello fellow gardeners!

 We had a meeting on Sunday to talk about what we're hoping to create down at the garden this year and you'll be pleased to hear that a commitment has been made to have a weekly garden gathering EVERY SATURDAY morning at 9.30am. This will be a good chance to meet regularly with all the garden fairies that have been helping the garden along this summer. It'll also be a chance to know what's ready to plant, harvest, water etc.

And what have you been enjoying from your home garden this week? If you are looking for some beautiful crunchy beans or other goodies for your dinner this week, there are some ready to pick. See the blackboard of where to find them.  And leave a donation at the swap table at the front of the garden.

Crunchy yellow butter beans!
What's ready to pick
Don't forget the AGM is coming up: Friday 10th February at 7pm at the garden!


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