Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Seedlings

Hello Gardeners,

A week ago at the Yackandandah Community Garden Saturday Gathering we sowed seed for our first winter crops.
This week we have lots of baby brassicas.

Late summer and early autumn is the time to start thinking about winter vegetables. The plants need time to grow large enough before the cold of winter slows growth so you really need to start these in late summer.
You can see in the picture that we sowed seed of Broccoli and Cabbage which should be ready to harvest later in winter when not much else is growing. We also put in some cauliflower seed which has been just a little slower to germinate.

We also sowed seed of Popeye's favourite - spinach. It also grows best in cooler weather but does need to be planted well before the cool weather to get a good start. Seed sown now will grow into healthy plants that should yield tasty spinach leaves right through winter.

In the next few weeks we will sow more winter veg seed: some more brassicas for a staggered harvest; onions and broad beans. Other crops you might like to consider this month include: turnips and swede; silver beet; lettuce; leeks and khol rabi. There's probably still time to plant the last beetroot for this season but get those in soon.

If you prefer to buy seedlings for your winter veg you can still relax for another few weeks.


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