Monday, 13 March 2017

What's up at the Yackandandah Community Garden

Hello Gardeners,
Just over a week ago Vicki planted the garlic cloves for next year's crop.
Today the first couple have popped up above the soil.

Traditionally garlic is 'planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest day' but in this area we find they do much better planted a bit earlier. If you plant in autumn the plants get a chance to grow big and strong before it gets really cold. larger plants means you'll get better garlic bulbs when they are harvested. I generally try to plant mine when I expect the first autumn rains so they can grow without any additional water. Ideal for gardeners who supply their own water.
Garlic will grow in most soils but you'll definitely get better bulbs if you have fed the soil beforehand. Try to find a spot in the garden that you fed for a previous crop because too much fertiliser can cause the plants to grow too quick and the bulbs don't store well.

Our climbing beans have put on a growth spurt over the past few weeks and there's lots of lovely beans hanging from the trellis waiting to be picked.

Hunt among the leaves to find the ones that are hiding as well. We all know fresh is best so please pick your own veg from the Yackandandah Community Garden. remember to leave a donation in the tin at the front and when you have time why not come down and give us a hand to keep your community garden growing.


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  1. Good to see that people still go for gardening as not many people have this hobby. Thank you for sharing this lovely post and keep posting such posts


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