Sunday, 9 April 2017

Garden Gathering - April 8th 2017

Hi gardeners,
4 hardy helpers attended Saturday's Garden gathering this week.

We planted lots of winter seedlings - spinach,

 and silver beet, both in the lower level of bed 1.

Broccoli, cabbage and khol rabi in the top level of bed 3 (which Vicki and Lee-Anne topped up with topsoil during the week - thank you both. That bed should retain moisture much better next summer and was much easier to plant into)

Purple broccoli went into the top level of bed 6

and the lower level of bed 4 is now planted out with onion seedlings which means we should have a very productive garden right through winter.

Yackandandah Community Garden is still producing good crops. The tomatoes have slowed down but you can still pick beans from the arch as well as edible pod peas and leafy greens in bed 5.
The carrots in that bed are not quite ready to pick yet so please leave those for another month or 2.

The sweet corn in bed 1 is now ready to eat so please drop in and pick a couple for dinner. Just look at all those plump, sweet corn kernals.

I don't think many people have noticed the lemon cucumbers growing in the wicking bed behind the fig tree. Take a look if you like cucumbers - there's lots ready to eat or pickle.

Our sweet potatoes in bed 2 are still growing so fingers crossed the tubers are also growing under the ground. These can be grown from cuttings. You're welcome to cut some pieces and root them in a jar of water on a warm window sill. Keep them inside your home in the water all winter and plant out only when the frost is finished in spring.



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