Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Weekly update from Lee-Anne.

Wow each week flies by quickly.

Last Thursday night saw 5 of us use our super powers to zoom around the garden and complete a few tasks.  We harvested 18 punnets of tomatoes and various other vegies.  Our very delicious tomatoes are still ripening at a great pace so will be available to "pick your own" from now on to free up the labour of the volunteers and allow other tasks to be done.  Spare punnets will be available on the harvest table or you could bring your own. A donation would still be appreciated.  Now is the time also to save some seed for next year.  Just split a good specimen in half and allow to ferment on the kitchen sill for a few days, then rinse through a colander, thoroughly dry on paper for a few days and then label and store in a cool cupboard until spring. Use google if you're not sure.
We planted allium in bed 5 including leeks, red and brown onion and spring onions.  Garlic will go in soon.  We saved seed from the parsnip and will be planting some of that soon too.  There is plenty and as the seed is only viable for a couple of months I'll put some in small envelopes on the harvest table for anyone who would like some.
The beds are looking tidier now that some of the spent veg have been removed.  The pumpkins are very tired now and some will be harvested any week now.  It's time now to start planting brassicas and other winter veg so they get a good start before the cold weather (I wish), so we'll need some volunteers on Thursday to make a start on that.
One of the rules of permaculture is "observe and interact" and is very relevant in our garden.  Has anyone noticed that the best tomatoes we've had this year are the 3 bushes that self seeded in the paths near the entrance.  They haven't been watered at all except for rain!  They are huge and juicy and full of flavour.  These are the ones to save seed from.  And also the pumpkin patch in the open mulch area, which has fantastic looking pumpkins and we haven't had to do a thing.  Sometimes it pays to let a stray seedling or two develop and see what happens.  Mother Nature know what she's doing. 
Just a reminder that you don't have to be a member of the garden to participate in looking after the veggies etc, so if you have a friend or neighbour you think might like to come along then please invite them.  We all learn something often and enjoy the fresh air and fantastic space.
Hopefully tomorrow night will be the last of the really warm ones for the season but the shade comes over by 6pm so it's really pleasant after that.  Hope you can come.
P.S. Thanks to Merle for her offer of chocolate cake for the prisoners and to Ali for her surprise plate; the boys will be back next Thursday 17th from 9am.

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